Samsung S9 & Sony XZ2 Premium Camera Comparison – Camera Test

In this video, I made some camera test on Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium and Samsung Galaxy S9, including video stability, auto-focus, low light photos, night shot as well as video speaker comparison.
Test will include:Rear Camera Stability, rear camera sensitivity, front camera stability and sensitivity and photos in daytime and nighttime. Sony XZ2 Premium was claimed to carry the most powerful camera sensor in the history.
1. How is the OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) of Sony XZ2 Premium and…


  • I find both kamars of the phones are very good. But the sound at Sony was really awesome. At the merger you heard quiet noise, which was not the case with Sony 👌 I have only had Sony Xperia myself and am totally satisfied. Good camera, good sound. Nevertheless, Samsung is not bad either.

  • This dude is starting to grow on me 😅
    One thing I don’t like about Samsung Camera is it’s highly saturated, argh. For the longest time, I thought my friend’s cat was around the color violet and yellow but it turned out the cat was black and white.