Sony Xperia XZ1 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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Comparing the Sony Xperia XZ1 with the Note 8 is like comparing chalk and cheese. These are two of the most different phones around – different display tech, different versions of Android, different speaker set-ups and different camera set-ups. Both however cost flagship buck, so, what’s the difference? Check out the video for the full run-down, if you have any…


  • Prefer the XZ1, do not like the Samsung UI at all, very confusing and not logical, only thing that concerns me is the 2700 battery in the xz1 , the same battery as the xz1 compact, why sony? Shame.

  • samsungs are so ugly and uncomfortable to hold and use, the software is so bad, too much going on and they always slow down after a few months, plus samsung use cheap materials…too many broken screens to trust the company. Sony might not blow you away on paper but for everyday use and business use they are so much better and they have much more longevity.

  • XZ1 should be a better device overall but this years Galaxy devices clearly win in design and screen to body ratio and that will attract much more people, Sony messed up at that…