Step by Step How to Backup and Restore Windows 8 Computer

Back up your programs, system settings, and files
Backup and Recovery of Windows 8 & Windows 8.1
How to setup Windows 8 Backup
System Image Backup in Windows 8
What happened to Backup and Restore?
How to Backup Data with File History
Use System Image Backup
Create a Windows 8 Backup Using File History
Create a system image in Windows 8
Make a System Image Backup in Windows 8/8.1
Restore Windows 8 with System Image Recovery
Backup – Restore Files and Folders from in Windows 8
Back up and…

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  • I just did a system restore and before I had 85 Gb free space on my SSD, but now I got 60 Gb free space, after the restore! So is the 15 Gb located somewhere?! PLZ HELP!