The Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim is, well, a very slim portable drive

Read the CNET review here –
CNET editor Dong Ngo explains how Seagate’s new Backup Plus Ultra Slim portable drive differentiates itself from the company’s Backup Plus Slim port. Hint: There’s more than just “Ultra”.


  • It's the worst… It's easily destroy all your collection over years by mistakenly disconnecting the cable from PC ..
    + The cable is loose + slow

    To me .. i briefer WD HD mutch better

  • This is the worst product i ever bought. I loss my money. This product complaint every 6 month and i cannot clain warranty because buy from amazon and again this was complainted if any one planing to bought no one buy you will loss your mone because this is the 3rd time its complined And i loss my 1.5 tb data all and i didnt get any backup if any one bought please create backup on your computer that will better than this externel hdd iam using thoshiba hdd and transcend hdd still 5 year and that still working without any problum and that hdd never betraied me

  • Mine Did not come with any instructions, I am not a computer person went to website cannot find instructions on it horrible! I am not a computer person this is lousy DO NOT RECOMMEND. I will probably never be able to use it.