Ticwatch Pro Smartwatch 1 Month Later – Battery Life Tips – Samsung Galaxy Watch

Ticwatch Pro – 1 Month Later – Battery Life Tips – Samsung Galaxy Watch

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  • I am tempted to buy this watch. After having a Pebble (R.I.P.) with its week long battery life, I didn't want a watch to charge daily. I didn't know about waiting for a snapdragon 3100 watches, but I guess they will double the price. Great video, v useful, thanks.

  • in Essential mode do you get all the notifications in real time ? for example, will the tic watch pro switch from essential to smart mode when a text or call comes in alerting you? or will you get the notification when you do eventually switch to smart mode manually?

  • Can you ask Google something? Test the speaker as I've had 2 tic watches and the speaker has broken on both. Is the sound clear now after a month or so? Wondered if I was alone with this fault ?

  • Nice video! I actually have a gear s3 since the last year but I miss android so and the apps. I'm thinking going to change my s3 for the ticwatch. Any recommendation? I read about the Samsung health it's better than the fit

  • Hi Chigz, great review. I've seen your two reviews of this watch and I have a couple of questions –
    Does the watch synch with the phone to present WhatsApp messages? and if so – after you read a WhatsApp message on the watch, will the message appear as already read message back on the phone?
    I hope my question was clear enough… πŸ™‚
    Thanks in advance for your reply!

  • How's the Bluetooth connection on it? My Ticwatch E loses it daily, sometimes couple time a day, and once lost, rebooting the watch is the only resort (e.g. going into the settings and toggling BT doesn't do anything).

  • Thanks for the tips!! I just got mine on Labor day, but I have one question about the battery life, I don't have nothing on except for the Bluetooth on, I also turned off the 24hrs monitoring heart beat, my screen brightness is at 2, I just sometimes change song on the watch, my watch last about 12 hours, any suggestions why is that? Or is that normal? I don't use like every min. Thanks! Very appreciated

  • I have the pro and keep gestures on . I'm getting 40% usage in a day which is fine for me . You say you've took it to the swimming pool . Have you used it underwater and is it safe to do so ?

  • I've been using the Pro for over a month as well and it's a solid performer, although battery life is a mixed bag – even with pretty much everything turned off there is no chance to squeeze three days of it. The only thing that really bothers me though is dropping the Bluetooth connection with my smartphone – have you experienced similar problems?

  • Hi Chigz i really want to know if you can used in swimming pool or open sea becuase i really want to buy this but i want to know if this is rally 100% waterproof because the company it self told me that its not advisable to used swimming.

  • The biggest Problem on tizen is Whatsapp. you are not able to answer if you get more than one message or even to start a message.
    How handle Tizen the Whatsapp Problem on Tizen 4.0?

  • I got the Galaxy watch on launch from t mobile but the lte won't work unless you use it with a Samsung phone. Also there is no native maps application and the available apps are quite terrible. I ordered this one instead and will return the Galaxy watch.
    In addition, there is no native timer or stopwatch that I've been able to find.

  • Hi Chigz, Can i download Spotify on this and if the watch is connected via Bluetooth with my phone, can i stream music to my wireless headset from the watch at the same time?! Hope it made sense! Nice videos btw

  • Really great review, you covered almost everything i was wondering. I'd like to get a smartwatch to keep me on schedule; does this watch have calendars and a reminder system as well? I know it's wearOS but just wanna make sure πŸ™‚ also, is the samsung gear 3 really worth $100 more? Or is it just the samsung brand. Thanks

  • Loving my Ticwatch Pro Chigz πŸ™‚ Already bought a few watch straps from Amazon for it, Using the Gear S3 Straps…Cool video as always Chigz πŸ™‚