Top 18 Best Shooting Games For Android 2019

New best FPS ( First Person Shooter) TPS (Third Person shooter) TDS (Top Down Shooter) games for Android & iPhone 2019 l VinIsHere

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All these games requires internet connection to play

I’ll soon do an offline list too!

Following are the games name & links:-

1)Mini Battlegrounds:-



  • Please Vin or anyone reading this comment if you know a good rpg/mmo rpg android game that has multiple classes and "job" system but even though anyone could be playing that same class like you wouldn't matter as each player has his own specific/special attribute that gets chosen randomly as soon as a character is created to understand more about what I mean please check WEBTOON and look up the comics called "winter moon" and "hardcore leveling warrior" they are basically IN the rpg game but it doesn't matter if there is always the same class as each player has a specific attribute/artifact I would obviously love it if it was possible to be IN the game but for now.. until it's possible i am looking for a good rpg/MMORPG with the same system