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Here are the best pro camera apps for Android that you must install on your smartphone if you love photography. Manual camera mode, HDR, Slow-Mo we have you covered and so will these apps, rest assured from now on all your memories will be picture perfect.

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Open Camera:

Footej Camera:…


  • oh fuck! o just found the best camera app for me
    no really!
    manual focus!!!
    white balance!!!!
    ALLL MANUAL!!!!!
    perfect for me!!!
    stupid algorithms on other cam think they know best.

  • fuck open camera!
    i try to lock the exposure and when i actually start recording it fucking forgets them making some nasty banding even when in preview i already got rid of them.

  • Fabby:
    on Sony xz Premium the the is not manual control, No ISO or shutter.
    Open Camera: works great on Sony XZ Premium but no Raw format yet
    Footej horrible user interface.

    Open camera is the best option out of all of the apps shown here.

  • guys, why every time that I use manual camera, my phone is lagging, and then the image quality is very different from my phone's default camera app, the default app is much better, but I need the manual camera app