Top 6 New and Fast Web Browsers for Android (2018) | Guiding Tech

Here are the latest Android web browsers which are fast, stable, memory friendly and feature rich. These fastest Android web browsers are latest and are better than Chrome, the default web browser for Android.

Browser Download Links:

Opera Touch: the fast, new browser with Flow:

Firefox Focus: The privacy browser

Flynx – Read the web…


  • how much money you got paid to put cake up there. everyone knows its an unsafe and slow shitty browser. it located outside of any law and order state it grabs your foken metadata and i dont want any shit ppl have my private data – ITS FUCKING SLOWER AND ITS FUNCTIONS ARE SHIT – if you put a foken ADVERTISMENT UP you have to SAY that you got paid…

  • Hi Tafs this video. I think I'm going to try three browsers Cake Browser,Aloha & Via & See Which one I'll be keeping. I know Puffin Browser is by far the fastest browser in my opinion; but it started crashing often a lot my android phone so I uninstalled it. Look forward to your reply a.s.a.p.

    I feel that I might probably end up using cake browser in the end.