UP970 LG vs UBP X800 Sony & K-8500 Samsung Comparison Tests

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This is my very first test of new LG UP970 UHD Blu-Ray Player , in comparison to Sony & Samsung Player , on this very first test, I will test I will test the Video Quality & opening and closing response time on Disc tray .Also keep in mind, All 3 players are set to default state & using the same HDMI Cable .Enjoy!!


  • great video
    in the end they are all great choices and that is where it falls….a choice a preference. because what looks good to one doesn't necessarily look good to another.
    thank god for choices

  • I have the lg 970 and I can tell you he didnt have the hdr on!….lg does not have hdr on by default!…lg does this because if hdr is turned on and you dont have a hdr compatible tv the colors will be oversaturated like you see in this video!turn on the hdr and I can guarantee it blows away the other players! The other two players where way oversaturated in my opinion !

  • The IR receiver on the LG UP970 is on the opposite side. So if you fire the IR at the tray, it won’t hit the receiver unless you get lucky and pull your hand back enough for it to reach over to the right hand side.

  • Winner for saying "without further ado" many times in one video, but then each time followed by something like "but before…."
    …and the longest 5 or 10 seconds i ever waited….
    Man, when you say it, just do it.
    And did you say you kept all 3players i default settings! ….ah, no, wait, you mentioned it in every second sentence.
    Video could be 10 minutes long cutting out all the unneeded repetitions.

  • Good video i go with Lg because its have more realistic colors for the true world.. Not vibrant like Sony. Or more vibrant like samsung. Lg is the real look my friend.. Im a sony fan but here i go with lg..

  • Great comparison video indeed! "He did all the correct test NOT using any extra settings but factory default"…When I did my personal tests I found the "oversaturation explanation" best explanation for Samsung is the colors match the Quantum Dot displays in their television sets…The LG looks incredible matched with the OLED display from LG…The Sony is gorgeous as well and matches very well with their sets…I owned a Samsung from the K8500 FXZA to match the Samsung K8500 player and the colors "popped very very beautifully when paired together"…my reason for selling both Samsung products was going back to LG and their Dolby Vision, plus the Dolby Atmos…add in how much the improvement on the IPS panels to the OLED display AND the 3d is the best I have seen yet…The active 3d WAS better in the beginning in my opinion (back when LG was still in the LW SERIES of television)…but NOW?? OLED WINS…(my opinion) and I have to match the players to their respective television displays (and even audio if possible for me!)

  • Hey man, good videos on all the 4k players. Question, has anyone figured out why the sony player weighs so much in comparison to the Sammy and Lg players? I hate to automatically equate or confuse the weight difference with a quality advantage for the Sony player. Appreciate the input…

  • I waited to comment after at least a week with the LG player. I had the Sony x800 player for just over a month and became familiar with it. I notice no major picture differences between the two. The color and picture quality are excellent on both. I was unable to duplicate your odd over-saturated coloring until I switched the players' settings from Yb to RGB and back. The Sony went heavily saturated and the LG went to washed out. Nonetheless both players reset to normal coloring when power was reset. 

    I ended up taking back the Sony and keeping the LG. BTW I noted no LOUD noises when running the LG. The unit makes a bit more noise than the Sony but not enough to complain IMO. What I do like is the LG has a full set of control buttons on the front for control without the remote- I like to power up, load and play in one step, and optical rather than coaxial port for sound. I could care less about the fact that the LG weighs half that of the Sony. The features I mention and the fact that we know the LG will get the Dolby Vision update are enough to swing me to the LG. I contacted Sony several times to find out if the x800 had the dolby chip or would/could be updated to Dolby Vision in the future. They could not answer. LG has announced the update many times over.

  • Great video, very helpful. I think the Samsung is overkill on colors and looks fake or unreal. Sony is more realistic and even in color. LG player is trash cheap remote uses only one battery, others use two

  • Right of way the Samsung colors look too saturated, Sony picture made it look a lot better than the Samsung. 2nd test, Sony is the winner. Samsung looks kind of saturated in comparison to the Sony. Thank you for taking the time to showing us the difference in picture of these comparable and affordable players.

  • The Sony player looks the best to me. The Samsung one seems WAY too saturated and the LG player seems to be a little dull. The Sony player seems to be the happy medium.

  • I think the Samsung player washes out some of the detail because its over saturated. Can you verify that HDR was kicking on with the LG player? It just looks like HDR might not be turning on…

  • anyone else notice the brightness flickering while on the Samsung player? I know Samsung TVs have a problem keeping peak brightness, I just never seen it until now.

  • You really can't capture 4k HDR through a YouTube video, and based on your video I can clearly see that the colors on the Samsung are far more saturated. Some people may like that, but more saturation doesn't mean it's superior. The director may have intended more realistic colors.

    With that said, I don't have experience with any of these players. I had my eye on the Samsung, especially with the price drop, but I've heard that the Sony is one of the best 4K Blu Ray players on the market, behind maybe the Oppo. What's your opinion between your 3 players?

  • Like you I had the X800 and UP970 and would also recommend the X800. LG UP970 is louder, vibrates a lot, lower quality build, and has a really bad remote that somehow doesn't include a Subtitles button but a useless Caption button, thus if you want to toggle on/off subtitle during a movie you have to bring up the playback menu. I found that to be annoying and distracting. One good thing the LG has going for it at the moment is its confirmation of a Dolby Vision update in the future and it also does Youtube 4K HDR. Other than that the X800 wins in every category.