Using ES File Explorer To Transfer Android Apps over Bluetooth | Guiding Tech

This is a remake of our very own video to show how to transfer apps from one Android device to another using Bluetooth.

The ES File explorer has received some major UI changes in the last one year and therefore the old video was kind of confusing for the users.

Please note that the trick only works for free app. You can transfer paid apps too, but they will not work as they would not be licensed to the new device.

Heavy games that use additional data will also not work on the receiving…


  • Apps come from theGoogle Play system! Except for stolen apps, What we need is a way to transfer files, photos, videos, etc., from a PC to & from the Android device, in a similar way to Airdroid.

  • I want to transfer whatsup message history from my old handset to new handset… kindly cnfm what is the process.. last video u should this transfer using software data cable.. so cnfm soon

  • I tried sending Pandora through the ES File Explorer. I followed the steps and changed the settings to "Allow Unknown Sources." The app sends and is received by the second phone fine. However, when I click the install. a popup tells me that it's unable to install. Am I missing something? Thanks!! Great video!!!