Uwatch U8 Smartwatch for Android Test and How to setup

First look at this android smart watch and how to set it up to work with your android phone.


  • I do not own a smart phone, but I was happy to see that it pairs successfully with my ordinary cell phone. My phone is the simple kind that slides open to reveal a tiny keyboard. I can send and receive calls through the watch, or choose a name from my phone's contact list. I suppose it can receive text messages too.

    One important trick… in the settings menu, scroll to the right to see the other apps. The apps for pedometer, calculator, stop watch, etc. are not seen until you scroll right. Until I found that, I thought my watch was some early model that was missing them.

    I received my watch as a promotional offer from a car dealership, but they sell on Amazon for under ten dollars. It works but I don't think that I am going to use it. However, I am quite impressed that the manufacturer was able to produce it for such a low price.