What is Flutter and things you should know about it

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Flutter is a new tech by Google to design High performance and High fidelity mobile apps for Android and iOS, using single code base. Flutter uses dart as their primary programming language to create this single code base. With an initial look at dart, I found that language is easy to learn but since most programmers are not already using it, it would be difficult for companies to find programmers.
Dart is fast in performance but I would like to see some Google apps being redesigned in…


  • Hi sir I am not able to set the visual code for c/c++ programming can you help us, please…. I ama totally frustrated with this vs_code but I can't live it though

  • Sir if you could revisit this topic soon, it would be great. I have tried doing Flutter and its just works awesome for me. Personally I am from web development domain mainly doing backend work. But with flutter and the clean dart language now I have started liking to build fascinating UI as well.

  • Anybody who is facing issues with running of flutter app.

    Trying to run main.dart in avd but getting this error – Bad UTF-8 encoding 0xed (at offset 363)

    Thanks in advance