Xiaomi Mi 6x(Mi A2) vs Oppo F7 Camera Battle

The Xiaomi Mi 6x also known as the Mi A2 has one of the best cameras around in the Midrange Arena. In this video, it is going up against the Oppo F7. Which was our champion from our speed test.

Will the Oppo F7 win also in the camera comparison? Lets just see in this epic camera comparison.


  • You need some photography lessons… the Oppo F7 uses a very aggressive HDR software… it's not the quality of the optics it's just aggressive and yet UGLY HDR effect on the photos… Mi A2 seem more natural and crisp on all photos.

  • Technically, (not comparing front camera). Back camera, for girl who love to be appear as more white skin – Oppo F7. More artistic and realistic visual, Mi A2 is the choice! Sometime higher exposure does not always look best

  • Oppo makes so nice phones but why there's no eis like on Xiaomi, and also mostly the price on Xiaomi is much more cheaper for that technical specifications. Actually i think they should make a fusion ;P

    But I'm also impressed how good the mi a2 handles most situations, not bad ๐Ÿ˜€

    Very good comparison ๐Ÿ˜€