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In this video we have done Redmi 4A India Review, camera review, discussed its pros, cons and also compared it with other phones in the same price segment.

Redmi 4A Reviews:
Redmi 4A FAQ:
Redmi 4A Reasons to Buy and Not To Buy:
Redmi 4A Color Comparisons:

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  • सबसे रद्दी फोन है रीयर कैमरा 13 mp नहीं 2 mp का है और कहने को ऊपर और नीचे 2 माइक्रोफोन है लेकिन वाइस रिकॉर्डिंग इस्पीकर मे कान भी दाल दो तब भी न सुनाई दे कंपनी बेवकूफ बना रही है

  • @GadgetsToUse Hi guys. A very informative video indeed. I do have a grouse though – Around 6:15 you comment that the usable storage space is about 10.8 GB. Does the Redmi Android OS actually gobble about 5 GB of internal storage space???
    In that case wouldn't the afeatured 16 GB storage space be looked upon as outright FALSE I formation being communicated to the end user/purchaser?

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